What We Do

We offer a powerful combination of profound tech expertise, mature, low-risk processes, and proven experience in a variety of business domains to turn your business idea into reality.

We believe that there's a better way to build software. Technology IS eating the world. Most companies are either software companies or don't yet know they are software companies. Therefore, the teams that figure out how to excel at the process of software development are the ones that will create the biggest competitive advantage over the next decade. These are the companies that will win.

Appdoor provides full-cycle software development services designed to help you grow your business, increase your ROI, and one-up the competition. Whether it's custom software engineering, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting, or software support — we got you covered.

Web Portal Development

Web portals are browser-based applications that serve as "door-way" for users to consume information from an organization. Looking for better ways to collaborate with your customers? We have built a wide range of customer interactive portals for diverse industries to meet unique business needs.

Custom Software Development

With custom software gaining momentum over prepackaged software, enterprises are gradually moving towards complex, robust & custom software for their business needs. According to recent study 87% of IT decision makers, regardless of company revenue say software is driving innovation in technology.

E-Commerce Solutions

The lucrative e-commerce landscape mandates a strong IT solution support. From choosing the right e-commerce platform to handling payment gateway integration, Appdoor builds and customizes-commerce portals for enterprises, using the best-in-class shopping cart platforms, e-commerce frameworks and payment gateways.

Content Management System

Static websites are a thing of the past. Dynamic enterprises leverage CMS web portals for seamless content management. Appdoor has many years of experience working with a range of CMS solutions, basic to enterprise, to meet your needs for publishing, editing and organizing web content.

Custom kiosk software

Appdoor is providing fully customizable kiosk software with a product line ranging from basic browser-lockdown to server based remote monitoring. It works by wrapping around existing browser-based applications, securing the OS (Windows or Android) and browser, and allowing users to access only your application.

Digital Marketing Services

Appdoor is also a digital marketing company with a strong international presence. Our Digital Marketing Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to make a difference for businesses all around the world. We take pride in helping businesses make the most of the money they spend on digital marketing.